Monday, September 23, 2013

MakeUp Magic says Clear Rayz is...

Thank you Makeup Magic for your wonderful review of Our Clear Rayz Device! If you are currently suffering from acne you will definitely want to come by and read this review! "When I got the chance to try Baby Quasar Clear Rayz* I was very excited. This powerful tool kills acne bacteria on one side (the blue side) and reduces inflammation of acne or breakouts on the other side (the red side) I can say that I do have breakout prone skin but have got my breakouts..."

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What to Expect from Clear Rayz

We recently have been receiving questions about what you can expect from your Clear Rayz device. We thought that this was a great question and wanted to share with all of you! Regular use of our Clear Rayz light therapy device, going by the recommended schedule, you should see improvement of acne within the first 2 weeks! Don't stop though! Continued use will greatly reduce future breakouts and eventually minimize current acne. After several weeks your breakouts should subside and be less of a concern. Even when your acne clears up remember to use your device 1-2 times a week for prevention of new breakouts. Early prevention will minimize scarring that often remains as a reminder of acne.

Monday, September 16, 2013

How quickly will I see results?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Can Light Therapy Really Make A Difference On My Acne?

Having valid acne information is critical to making acne treatment decisions. Quasar has recently discovered that therapy using red and blue light offers substantial benefits over the traditional approaches to treating acne. Previous methods focused on either medication (Accutane or Retin-A) or topical products. These products are costly and inconvenient to use. They also produce side effects. By comparison, clinical studies have demonstrated that Quasar’s red-and-blue-light therapy is far more effective, is less costly, and has no side effects. Quasar’s ClearRayz devices provide a highly effective acne treatment that is completely natural and requires no harsh medication. This light therapy is not a cure for acne – there is no cure. But it will dramatically improve the appearance of acneic skin. How it works: ClearRayz emits blue and red light in precisely measured intensities. The blue light (416-420 nanometers) clears the P. acne bacteria from the inflamed area. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sherry's back with her week 2 review!

 This week I learned the importance of diligence, as I was not when it came to my skin care. So far my routine has been 5 days of light therapy, 2 days for my skin to rest.  Three consecutive days with the blue light of the Clear Rayz, rest day, two consecutive days with the Baby Quasar Plus red light, followed by a rest day. This strategy seems to help prevent breakouts while also helps diminish the wrinkles around my eyes and lips and age spots from my hand and arm. This week I only did 3 days resulting in breakouts on both sides of my face and chin.  The good news, now I know the lights really do have an affect and I'm back on track!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Say Hello to Andrew our new Product reviewer!

"I heard about the Clear Rayz through my wife who uses the Baby Blue. It had great results for her so I was excited when I got the chance to test out the Clear Rayz device. I have very oily skin, my cystic acne was really bad in high school. I had to take two rounds of Accutane it was so bad. I still get break outs but not as bad as it was in high school.  I mostly get black heads around my hair line and acne on my neck and face. I have been using the Clear Rayz on my neck too and I have been using it for a week. My first reaction is that I like it, its not hard and something I can see myself using alot. The device does get a little hot for me but I just take breaks in between sections if it bothers me. You do four sections of your face, the red light has 7 minute intervals and the blue light has 5. I prefer the red light to the blue. I read online that the red light can help with acne scarring which I have a lot of from my cystic acne in high school. I hope the red light can help diminish the appearance of my acne scars. You can feel the effects of the lights for quite a while after using them, its almost as if you can feel it working. I am hoping by next week I will see some significant improvement in my acne. See you next week."

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Anti-inflammatory and bacteria killer!

How long have you suffered from acne? Does your skin feel dry and appear flaky? Are you looking for a product that can help combat your acne with out drying it our? Blue Light is an effective way to treat acne while red light aids in calming down inflammation of the skin. You can use Clear Rayz as soon as you feel an outbreak happening or just as a preventive measure to stop breakouts before they happen. Just start with a clean dry face and then follow the directions in the user manual. The result: Clear blemish free skin!  Clear Rayz is the best of both worlds, offering two treatment heads integrated into one single device.